Following Up With Your Business Opportunity

by : ronhelor

So you decided to join a home business opportunity and start making some money from home. Good for you. Now you need to start promoting your business and have dozens and hundreds of other people join your business.

Almost all business opportunity are promoted in pretty much the same way - you get leads to your sales process, and some of these leads turn into new recruits. Your sales process could be include meetings, phone calls, video or audio seminar etc. Some of the home businesses out there do some follow up for you, but you must not relay on their follow-ups...this is your business, and you pat with your money and time to get those leads.

So, what I suggest is that you put together a follow-up system of your own. Your follow up can be done in a few ways:

Email - you email your leads a few times before and after they saw your presentation.
Phone calls - you phone your leads after they contacted you, or saw your presentation. It's always better to follow up on warm leads. I never make cold calls.
Direct mail - this method was a bit forgotten in the email era, but it is still very effective. You simply send a few letters by mail to your leads. This is something they don't expect, so it can have a winning effect.
Video, Audio - this is an advanced option. You can produce a series of video/audio presentations about your business and send them to your leads by email.

OK, now that we covered the means by which follow up can be made, let's talk about the system:

Automation - Your system needs to be automated. If it's by email, you can easily automate by using an auto responder tool such as This makes the follow up effortless, and all your leads are getting the same series of follow up email, customized to them. If you follow up by direct mail, set up your own system that reminds you to send out the series of letters to each lead.

Effectiveness - Your follow up must be effective. Use testimonials, proof of your income, chards, drawings...what ever it takes to effectively persuade your lead that your system works.

Repetition - Most people need to see your offer at least 7 times to make a decision. What ever you do, don't stop following up on them too soon. Two of three follow ups are simply not enough. You need at least 10 follow ups until you maximize the chance of joining.

The set up and operation of an effective follow up system is vital for the success of any business. Make sure you set up your own, and see your profits soar!