Poor Credit Car Finance - Making you a Proud Owner of a Car!

by : Apurva Shree

Before you read about poor credit car finance, think about this: What is worse - having insufficient funds to buy a car or having a poor credit score that disqualifies you for a car loan? Thousands of people have buried their dreams of owning a car just because their wallet as well as their credit score does not allow them to take a loan. What a pity!

Features Of Poor Credit Car Finance

First, it is easy to apply for it. You can take a car loan after bankruptcy too. The entire application process is online. You only have to sit comfortably at your computer and start clicking your mouse at appropriate places. Some people are afraid to give their personal details over the internet for the fear of identity theft. Relax! The server is encrypted to safeguard your personal information. No third party can access your details.

More Features

Poor credit car finance gives you flexibility in payments. This is the characteristic of best auto loans! You have an option of repaying the loan either within a short time or extending it to a long period. The period for paying back the loan ranges from 1-2 years. The lenders calculate the depreciation value and give you a "guaranteed future deposit."

The value of depreciation depends on the car model, its yearly mileage, and the duration you want to make use of it. This value is deducted from the price of car, thus, reducing your monthly payment. In addition to this, hidden costs are absent. The acceptance fee in poor credit car finance is also zero. This is because it is included in your first monthly payment. In case your annual percentage rate amounts to zero, you need to pay only the amount that you have borrowed.


  • The car is regarded brand new unless mentioned otherwise. Therefore, the car comes with full warranties from the manufacturer.
  • You can also get a used car through finance.
  • You are free to settle loan agreement at any stage.
  • You can swap over a new car within 12 months of signing the agreement.

    With so many benefits and no credit car loans at your virtual doorstep, you simply cannot afford to live without a car! Apply for poor credit car finance today and raise your standard of living.