How To Start A Kiosk Business

by : bizavings

Starting a kiosk business is not as difficult as some may think. If the thought of competing with giant retailers is a bit intimidating, then remember that many of these businesses have been brought down in recent times due to excessive size. In fact, many large companies like Kodak are entering into franchises with kiosks, and the result is that the services of these companies are reaching many different areas.

Types of Kiosk Businesses
There are two kinds of kiosk businesses. In the first type of kiosk business a large chain enters into a franchisee arrangement with a smaller kiosk. The owner of the kiosk then sells the products of this company. The second kind is the self-service kiosk, in which people can use the equipment at the kiosk without the intervention of the owner.

Other types of kiosk businesses differ according to whether they are mobile or fixed booths. People run mobile kiosk business through a cart, which is moved, while a booth is located on the same premises on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

It is best for people who are just getting started to use a cart.

Getting a Cart
For beginners, it is advisable to rent a cart for a short period instead of buying one. This is less expensive than buying a cart, at least in the short term. Be prepared to shell out at least $500 per week in rent. The cost may go up according to the kind of item sold. Selling hot dogs does not require the kind of startup that selling watches might require.

When buying a cart, know the requirements. Do not buy or rent a cart simply because it is flashy or has an innovative design. Try to buy or rent a cart that will be flexible in terms of functionality. If the hotdog business does not work out, then the vendor may try the grilled fish business without making too many modifications to the cart.

While renting a cart, it is a good ideal to present a sketch of the cart to the seller or leasing company. This helps them to locate just the right cart.

Setting up a Kiosk in a Mall
The mall administration may lease out a cart to someone who wants to set up a kiosk in their mall. Depending on the location of the mall, the rental varies. In addition to rent, some malls might even ask for a percentage of the earnings. Renting several kiosks in prime locations can cost at least $2000 per month.

Starting a Kiosk Business: Professional Help
There are many service providers that can help in starting a kiosk business. They take care of the capital, the funding, the infrastructure and the other requirements, as well as giving advice on how to maximize the profits from a kiosk business.