Know the Basics Before You Start Your Online Business

by : onlineprofitteam

Let's start with some definitions of frequently used terms. I'll explain in simple English so I'll strip off as much technical jargons as I can so that any ordinary person can understand complex and technical subjects.

Let's begin, shall we?

- What is a domain name?

Basically, your domain name is the internet address of your website.
Once the domain name has been selected and registered, no one else can register the same domain name just as there can never be two houses with the same address. Your domain name can also be your Internet Business name.

- What is a website?

A website can act as a brochure or sales letter but in electronic form, viewable only in your computer. A website can also act as your physical business premises.

Your website displays your products in the form of photos or illustrations and words that describe what it is. People can browse your website for the products you carry from any PC with an Internet Browser without having to go there in person to see them.

- What is a web browser?

An Internet Browser allows your visitors to view your website.

- What is web hosting?

The host of your website is the server. Your website sits on the hard disk of a big computer called a server that is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. The server can also host other websites simultaneously.

- What is an autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is a computer program that acts like your answering machine for e-mail messages from your friends. You can write out your message in advance, like the following:

Once you've turned your Autoresponder on at your e-mail address, anyone sending e-mail to your e-mail address will automatically receive your message above without any need for you to send it manually!

A Sequential Autoresponder is a computer program that will AUTOMATICALLY send out MORE THAN ONE pre-written e-mail address that has been set to follow up with different messages in sequence. You can specify the interval between each pre-written messages and as many e-mail messages as you wish.

- What is an FTP program?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. An FTP Program enables you to deliver digital files to your website's host directly from your own computer through the Internet so that your website can be ready to be viewed by your visitors. This program also enables you to edit and delete existing web pages and images.