Affiliate Websites - 6 Golden Rules

by : twahsb

Affiliate Websites require a few fundamental principles to be adhered to when building. Here are six golden rules you should Implement to make money.

Affiliate Website Rule #1
You MUST have a strong headline.

Your sales copy may pull the desired results and your
product the required sales conversion. However, how many prospects are leaving your site after reading your headline. You must grab the reader's attention immediately.

Affiliate Website Rule #2
Your home page should be a strong sales letter. Well written copy disguised as an article works well. It feels more like an endorsement than a direct sales page.

If you are not confident to write your own copy you can hire a professional to do this for you. Ask the copywriter to write It as an endorsement style article. Ensure you give both the pro's and cons for the product. Look like an independent.

Affiliate Website Rule #3
Have a clear and visible link to your articles

It has been well documented that the only link on your
sales page should be the "Buy Now" button. This may work well for the small mini-websites. I do not recommend this for affiliate websites.

As an affiliate your role is to introduce the prospect to the opportunity, the sales webpage. Let the sales page do the selling. You do the introduction! Make them feel comfortable about your site by offering multiple resources and friendly links, article links!

It's important to remember that your articles are sales pages in disguise. Your article has your links in the resource box to your affiliate partners. One way on another we want to gain trust by offering free content.

Affiliate Website Rule #4
Upload multiple articles to your webpage.

Qualified leads from Pay Per Click search engines are
becoming more and more expensive, competition is fierce. Search engine ranking is becoming more and more aggressive for the #1 spot or top ten for that matter.

So what role do articles play? You offer content,
articles are content. Search engine like relative content. Provide what the search engines like and they will send you free traffic.

Affiliate Website Rule #5
Other products and services

Your site will have a focus, maybe even a niche. Use this to your benefit. Introduce products or services that complement your MAIN product or service. This introduces your prospect to alternatives that still make you money when purchased.

Affiliate Website Rule #6
Seriously consider an FAQ section

Almost NO affiliate sites use this strategy. However, it's extremely powerful.

We all know what question we should answer.. so answer them in your copy or article. Bullet points are a good way to draw attention to them. Help your prospect find the answers.

The above affiliate website rules should be followed very closely for every affiliate site you build. Together they optimize your website and help you make money.