How to Find the Right People for Your Recruitment Needs?

by : Marcia Prera

People are not an important asset of an organization but the RIGHT people are. It is not always possible to get the right people on job portals. However, they can be brought through the contacts. It is very important to promote the brand so that prospective candidates can approach by themselves. It is imperative to get inside the minds of good candidates to know how to attract them to join you.

Prospective candidates will generally tell their friends when they are thinking of a change. They could be friends of the staff members. Therefore, the staff members should know about the vacancies and be encouraged for referrals. They should be offered with good incentives for the same. If staff members are happily working with the organization, and are getting paid for introducing their friends, they would be eager to suggest the good candidates for recruitment.

Good candidates will go on a social networking site and register themselves so that they are approached by recruiters or hiring managers. Encourage your recruiters to search for the good candidates from social networking sites.Good candidates will also participate in user forums and technical conferences, even when they are not looking for a change. Candidates search should also be made from the forums and conferences.

Even candidates will give you names of other people who are looking for a change. When you interview candidates, they would spread a word about your organization with their friends. What could be a better opportunity than this to promote your brand? Show the best part of your organization to them. Tell them about the best practices you follow. Explain therecruitment process to them.

Improvement of screening process also gives the candidates a challenging test so that they understand that you are looking for the RIGHT people. Screen them thoroughly. Even if you lose some candidates, you spread the brand value that you are only looking for the BEST. This is how you attract the BEST and RIGHT candidates.

An automated recruitment system helps you to establish best practices in recruitment process. It allows you to implement a good screening process. It is a minor investment in getting brand value as well as the right people for your business.