Training of Electronics Staff

by : Thomas Cutler

ResourceMFG recognizes the core competencies of recruiting, screening, hiring, placing and retaining a temporary workforce. ResourceMFG has to be proactive in training the skilled electronics workforce of tomorrow and partnered with Blackfox Training Institute to provide and end to end solution to the Electronic manufacturing sector. This solution provides a qualified, certified, contingent workforce which is more productive for customers; it also creates great opportunities for trained employees. With the growing demand for skilled employees in the electronics industry this strategic partnership provides a seamless solution.

Al Gill, President of Blackfox Training Institute commented that, "There is a huge shortage of skilled workers to fill the demand in Electronics Manufacturing. The Staffing Industry, in general, has long struggled with providing Electronics Manufacturing with the right person with the right skills at the right time. The typical staffing company claims to have the ability to staff individuals in any industry and in any job position. The Myth is that they have the ability to screen, assess, and train individuals in all facets of electronic manufacturing before they are placed. The truth is that training and certification are not their core competencies and they need a specialist such as Blackfox to provide that service. Blackfox has provided this service to other staffing firms in the past, but has been challenged to keep them focused on the requirements of Electronic Manufacturers, due to distractions to fill the needs of every other industry. We found them to be generalists in all industries and specialists in none. The technologies in this industry are forever advancing and require the service providers to be abreast of the skill sets required to succeed. This all changed when Blackfox met ResourceMFG, a manufacturing only staffing firm. RMFG is focused and has the support staff that is knowledgeable and understands the needs of electronics manufacturers."

ResourceMFG and Blackfox Training Institute opened a specialized electronics training and placement branch on June 5th, 2007. This branch is unique as it is a ResourceMFG branch (specializing in one manufacturing industry, electronics) with a training center (run by Blackfox on the premises.)

Blackfox's core expertise is electronics, although they provide training and certification to the entire supply chain of manufacturers. Blackfox is an IPC Approved Training and Certification Center, one of four in the world authorized to train and certify to all standards. The IPC Standards are the internationally accepted quality standards that govern the acceptability criteria for Electronics Manufacturing.

ResourceMFG ( is involved with the total spectrum of manufacturing positions including production, quality, maintenance, supervision, and all levels of management. The company serves a wide variety of industry segments that include automotive, electronic, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, and many other specialized producers.
Manufacturing is the sole focus of ResourceMFG allowing a better manufacturing workforce.