Mark Kelly & Workforce Development

by : Thomas Cutler

Mark Kelly is a manufacturing professional with broad industry experience. With an educational background in logistics and supply chain management Kelly has served in a variety of manufacturing roles including Operations Management and Industrial Human Resources. Kelly's current role at ResourceMFG is to oversee growth and development for a company who specializes in placing employees exclusively for manufacturing. This position requires alignment with manufacturing partners to develop skills specific to their needs while keeping them globally competitive. Kelly is an active member and speaker for APICS and AFE and participates locally with both organizations.

According Kelly, Division Manager for ResourceMFG, "The innovative approach to education and workforce development created by the CEC (Central Education Center of Coweta County, GA) is attracting the attention of business leaders, educators, and government officials worldwide. In the most fundamental sense, the CEC model is a "process" which allows for seamless collaboration between education, business, and government, to create and develop the skilled workforce of the future. ResourceMFG has established a unique partnership with the CEC. Under the leadership of Jeannie Davis, Area Manager for ResourceMFG, and Mark Whitlock, CEO of the CEC, ResourceMFG has an office located within the campus of the Central Education Center. In this structure, we are able to work closely with manufacturing customers who are defining the skill sets needed by their workforce, the educators who are conducting the training, and the students themselves. We create employment opportunities for students and flexibility for our manufacturing customers. Participating as a panel member for this event underscores the important role ResourceMFG has in this innovative partnership."

ResourceMFG is involved with the total spectrum of manufacturing positions including production, quality, maintenance, supervision, and all levels of management. The company serves a wide variety of industry segments that include automotive, electronic, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, and many other specialized producers.

ResourceMFG ( is the nation's leading manufacturing support organization. It focuses on the demands of the manufacturing sector to serve the needs of employees and customers. The company has immersed themselves in the manufacturing community and has close relationships with support organizations such as The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

Manufacturing is the sole focus of ResourceMFG allowing a better manufacturing workforce. ResourceMFG understands that it takes good people to get good results. Experienced manufacturing professionals know how to find the talent needed to deliver results for manufacturing businesses. ResourceMFG has been nationally recognized for having workforce management initiatives that impact the bottom line. In 2006 ResourceMFG won the Optimas award for "Financial Impact." This value allows the company to provide award winning workforce management capabilities and processes that produce better results. The key to delivering better manufacturing employees lies in the fact that it is all that ResourceMFG does. With superior screening, OSHA outreach programs and ongoing safety training, ResourceMFG delivers the kind of workers needed for every manufacturing facility.