Simple Outsourcing for SME

by : Marcia Prera

Attracting good talent is the requirement of every business, regardless of the size of business. Considering the talent crunch, most organizations have a career website or a section in their corporate website to display the vacancies and allow the candidates to apply online. A smart enterprise can reduce its cost by connecting this with a recruitment automation system without changing its corporate branding, at a fractional cost.

Big enterprises can afford to keep dedicated people for managing their websites, doing regular posts to the career section of website and to make the career section attractive for prospective candidates to apply.

Resource Datamine, a?recruitment solution, supports a backend system, offered as a SaaS linked with the career section of the websites. This gives an enormous advantage to the organizations, irrespective of their size. They need no dedicated person for their career section, and job postings done by them as a part of recruitment process are visible on their career section. Prospective candidates can view the details of the job and apply against the positions online.? This recruitment tool itself offers great advantages by providing search based on various criteria.


A research based study shows that recruiters spend a lot of time in interacting with candidates, collecting their resumes, formatting them, etc. Resource Datamine saves recruiters' time by at least 40%. It reduces the task of the recruiters by automating emails, collecting resumes in a central repository and providing speedy search on resumes of candidates. Providing a career section powered by Resource Datamine, further improves the efficiency by providing self service modules to candidates.