How Far Can Customer Service Help in Medical Staffing

by : Roy Vera

Customer service in medical staffing is a sleeping giant that often times is the killer of giant medical staffing firms. The killer creeps in slowly, gently and harvests its seed in the minds of your clients and flourishes often in the headsets of a disgruntled employee.

Keep stock of what is being said about your company. To many medical staffing agencies are to preoccupied with getting new accounts or securing new recruits that they fail to realize the need to provide excellent customer service.

Customers service is long lasting and will carry your company for many years.

Customer service will provide continual business without spending more on advertising.

Customer service will create a stream of new recruits.

Customer service need not cost you money.

Customer service is easy to do and requires a short portion of your time.

Customer service if ignored will create a whirlwind of negative press.

The medical staffing industry is like a small town. What is done or implied will carry its way around town for all eager ears listen.

Ask your customers if they are happy?

Provide thank you letters to your employees?

Send the department managers a simple thank you gift.

PR, PR, PR is the number one rule in this business. If you do not have good customer service, then you better learn how to provide good customer service from the beginning.

A fairly large medical staffing company focused solely on growth. They managed to secure Dozens of accounts within a fairly tight geographical area. The problem was that because the facilities were to tightly woven together, they were able to speak to each other. This proved to be the downfall of this medical staffing firm because they provided sub-quality customer service and sub-quality techs. Today they are no longer providing service in this area.

Customer service is easy to do, but is difficult to regain once lost.