How Business Can Increase Profits by Keeping Staff

by : Jay Edwards

training and - just as important - retaining staff is a constantly troublesome and seemingly endless task.

For businesses it can be extremely testing, very tedious and rather costly. Finding respectable staff can be arduous enough but holding onto them can also often prove difficult. Retention of staff is all too often something which is ignored and rarely addressed with the necessary consideration.

One of the more common problems encountered by candidates is the realisation that some of promises made during the interview are not going to be met. False promises are a pointless way of attempting to lure staff as once employment commences the truth quickly comes out. In the long run, false promises merely cost you more money in wasted time, resources and additional recruitment fees when the dissatisfied member of staff leaves.

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As well as spending money on recruiting the right person into the right role it is important to look after new employees from the moment they arrive. It is imperative to invest in training, supporting and encouraging them especially in small business where there is not always a arrangement and where these things are often overlooked.

Content staff are likely to be more productive than those who are directing all their energy into looking for a new job. People who are trying to leave will influence the attitude of other staff - unhappiness and dissatisfaction is infectious; you may find you have a "resignation-shower" on your hands if you are not careful. The result of this is that you could end up with a very weak inexperienced team made of predominantly of new staff. You will then be faced with shelling out more money on recruiting replacements, and training for more new staff.

The moral of the story is that if you address the challenges facing your existing staff and you work hard at retaining them you will save money in the long term. There is no point in continually spending money on recruiting new staff, if you do not pay notice to - and address - the reasons why people leave.