Tips on Conducting a Business Interview

by : Cherie Ang

When businesses grow to the point of needing outside assistance, i.e. employees you must be prepared to conduct a business interview. There are key factors that will allow you to know if an employee is in fact the right person to add to your business efforts. There are four main areas to probe when preparing to hire an employee. These areas include honesty, tardiness, work ethic and personal history. Be prepared to ask about each of these areas in the depth that you see fit without over stepping any personal boundaries.

Honesty can be a quality that is difficult to find in this day and age. The rise in employee theft is shocking. Due to this the majority of companies have a type of psychological questionnaire are that is requested to be filled out prior to hiring. This form asks questions about how the employee feels about taking home any item as minute as an office ink pen. Other questions include what actions would he or she take if they were aware of another employee stealing merchandise or supplies. Though it is true that one could lie on this form but 75% of people fill out these applications or questionnaires in honesty. This type of information is needed to protect yourself and your business. You would not want to hire someone who feels that it is okay to "skim off the top" by taking miscellaneous items home. These items add up and you are out money and trust.

Asking an employee about how they feel about tardiness is an absolute must. Though you may be shocked to hear what some people deem as fit excuses for missing work, you need to know if an employee is in fact reliable. Asking an employee if being a minute, five minutes or ten minutes late is tardiness? Ask them which is worst one or five? You will be surprised to hear from that golden employee who says one minute or five minutes they are both late and unacceptable. This is what you are looking for.

Work Ethic
This is an area in which you will be asking questions such as if the employee you are working with leaves for lunch and returns late, will you continue to work while they are away or feel that it is okay for you to use this extra time to sit back and relax? Is it okay to do the minimum or should you strive to perform your duties as well as ill co-workers? You can get sense of how your employee will work for you.

Personal History
It is always a safe practice to issue a background check on future employees. You cannot be safe enough with people who have a history of violence or mental illness, even drug use. This is not saying that this information should be used to discriminate against someone but it leaves it to your personal discretion and allows you to at least be aware of what consequences could lay ahead. Another test is a drug test. Even the most straight-laced appearances can coat an employee with a drug problem.

These questions are all a matter of business protection. You work hard to create, run and build your businesses success and you should not have that affected by an outside party. Protection is key and by following the above suggestions you will be able to hire on the best suited employee for your business.