Sumtotal Customer Satisfaction Study

by : Sumtotal Systems

In a recently published study, titled "2007 LMS Customer Satisfaction: An Industry Analysis of the Customer Experience with Learning Management Systems," Bersin & Associates, an independent research and advisory firm, polled more than 500 training and HR professionals as well as business executives to gauge their level of satisfaction with 13 learning management system (LMS) vendors, including talent management systems provider SumTotal Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUMT). The researchers found that 75 percent of respondents were either "somewhat satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their LMS, which is software for delivering, tracking and analyzing enterprise learning. The study's authors also noted that, based on research trends, the corporate market was showing a growing interest for integrating performance management software - which automates employee performance reviews and builds a pipeline of talent - with LMS software.

The study evaluated a wide range of satisfaction measures, including product performance, customer service, technical support and content management tools. Within the study's global enterprise category, respondents rated SumTotal as the customer satisfaction leader, co-leader or "outperformer" in 18 of 20 satisfaction measures. Vendors were considered to be outperformers if their customer satisfaction rating exceeded the category average for any measure. The 18 satisfaction measures for which respondents rated SumTotal as a leader, co-leader or outperformer are:

1. Overall satisfaction

2. Ease of use for learners

3. Ease of use for system administrators

4. Content integration

5. Integration with internal systems

6. Ease of upgrading

7. Scalable to meet future needs

8. Provides all functionality needed out of the box

9. Reporting capabilities

10. Customer service

11. Product/Technical support

12. Understanding and assistance with customers' business and training challenges

13. Customer has adequate input to product direction

14. Long-term platform support (confidence that vendor will support the product)

15. E-Learning content

16. Content management

17. Testing/Assessment tools

18. Content Development tools

In analyzing the results of the study, Bersin & Associates' researchers wrote, "Overall, these high rankings reflect SumTotal's long history in serving the LMS market, and its focus on service and solutions."

The Bersin researchers also noted, "With annual revenues topping $100 million, SumTotal is the current LMS market share leader."

"Having our customers' stamp of approval is the highest honor we could hope for," said Dave Crussell, SumTotal's chief operating officer. "We believe that the investments we've made in R&D and support have spurred dividends in the form of a high level of satisfaction among our clients for our learning management products, services and vision. To build on what we've accomplished, we aim to continue soliciting advice and input from a network of more than 1,500 employers around the globe who we proudly call our customers."

Bersin & Associates conducted its customer satisfaction study from November to December of 2006.