World-Respected Copywriter Encouragement

by : Mario R. Churchill

Michael Fortin is considered to be one of the most sought-after copywriters on the Internet. For nearly 15 years as a response copywriter, he has a strange gift for writing comprehensively, vividly and persuasively.

His records tell us that he was involved in selling multi-million worth of products for a wide selection of customers extending to various types of industries.

Michael's success can be accounted to his passion and experience. His burning yearning for his art helped him nurture his renowned writing skills that made him earn millions.

His life story relates that Michael did not have an easy start. Michael was born with a minor physical disability. For that, he experienced emotional mistreatments from his father, who was an alcoholic. Michael then lived his childhood isolated from his father and the society. He fought an overpowering fear of denial.

Michael learned to fight. He realized to fight his fears. And so, he dived into world of sales so he can face his fears straight out. But then, his determination was not enough to bring him to success. Being short of the skills needed in effective sales, he was bankrupted at only 21.

But his natural skill in persuasive writing led him to the discovery of the essential keys in productive copywriting. He used gripping writing techniques in his advertisements and sales letters. In this way, he has drawn eligible clients, and not he being attracted by them.

Finally, his efforts paid back and he was recognized as the leading sales maker on behalf of a Fortune 500 company. He earned the trust of numerous clients and employers worldwide, from the US, Europe, China, and Canada.

Aside from being an adored copywriter, he is also a remarkable teacher. He formerly worked as a college teacher in Sales Management, Internet Marketing, Marketing Management, and other management subjects.

Known for being an active marketing consultant, he is often hired to speak at seminars and conferences, where his charges range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Michael is also a great author. He has written quite a lot of books, such as Power Positioning and The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning.

In his desire to share his skills to individuals who want to learn how to produce effective sales copies, he launched a private website,, where he demonstrates how he does his writing "live" monthly. Also, he circulates a monthly newsletter by email for free. There, he divulges useful copywriting techniques and tips.

His popularity in his field is evident in his public appearances in media. He has been seen on numerous TV shows and vastly heard on radio programs. Also, he and his write-ups have been featured in more than 500 publications, such as Marketing Power!, Web Promote,, Home Business Magazine, and many others.

Being in service as "The Success Doctor", Michael's consultancy is stationed in Ottawa, Canada. Since 1998, he is an affiliate of the International Webmasters Association and the HTML Writers Guild, and since the year 2000, he was a part of the Association of Internet Marketing and Sales.

Michael abides to all of the professional conduct codes of each of his affiliated organizations. In addition, The Success Doctor, Inc., his own company, is verified by Paypal for more than 3 years. In the year 2001, he was given the honor to be welcomed in the Who's Who Historical Society, a well-known organization for publishing the life stories of the most successful businessmen in the world.