How Not To Become A Copywriter

by : Mario Churchill

Copywriting is a strange mix of art and science. Do more than what is required and you end up with a piece of junk. Do less and you have a good-enough vehicle that won't start. It can be terribly frustrating and there's a lot of tiptoeing you need to do, but hey, isn't that what copywriters should do?

Here, to help some new ones and to remind some old ones, are tips and tricks that no copywriter worth his ink should do:

Put enough mystery to baffle your readers.
It may seem like a good thing to do, to inject suspense into your writing, but some of the best clever stuff fall on deaf ears or for that matter, confused eyes. If it takes your readers more than a minute to get what you mean, you'll just frustrate them. They'll be off looking for another site that leaves little to the imagination, so to speak. If you're trying to write copy, leave the cryptic stuff for your future suspense novel where it will be put to better use.

Use clever words only when absolutely necessary.
Or if they are part of the copywriting style you want to use for effect. Even then, use only one or two. Don't expect your readers to know that Latin word you encountered in high school. Your readers are too busy looking for information to actually stop and look the word up in a dictionary.

Ignore the needs of your readers.
As a copywriter, your main customer is your reader. If they say they want bagels, then give them bagels. Don't give them cr