Hot Interview Tips


Everyone wants to come out of an interview a winner. You can do it with these 5 hot interview tips! Follow these strategies and you virtually guarantee interview success!

But be warned. Interview success doesn't happen by chance. And these proven interview tips require some understanding and practice.

Ok. So, let's say you get to first base. You're invited in for an interview. Now what?

Well, the worst thing you can do is handle it like a traditional interview. Even the hottest interview tips won't help you if your determined to conduct a standard, old-fashioned interview. Your biggest mistake is to allow the meeting to turn into a Q & A session . . . you sit there passively and answer all the questions as diligently as possible.

Look. You get one shot at the person who may be your next boss. You gotta make it work for you.

So here are 5 practical interview tips for turning a routine session into an exciting and resourceful presentation:

1. Do not launch into a recital of your work history. Let your resume do that. Your face-to-face time is too valuable to bore this decision-maker with information that's only marginally of interest.

2. DO establish a dialogue in which you engage in a serious discussion of the decision-makers goals and needs instead of an interview. Demonstrate that you've taken the time to learn something about the organization and it's direction. Ask intelligent questions and make informative comments about what you've learned.

3. Remember that employers are only interested in learning two things from you . . . what you can do to make a difference to the bottom line . . . and what you can do to make his/her job easier. Only to the extent that you're prepared in advance to answer those questions are you guaranteed to grab his/her attention to your benefit.

4. Demonstrate that you know how to solve the kind of problems the employer is facing. Here's where your past work history can illustrate what you can do going forward. But, frankly, no one is interested in what you used to do for someone else unless you can make the connection to your prospective boss.

5. Be prepared to show how you work by presenting a portfolio of successful projects you've worked on. This portfolio could include samples of your work, letters of recommendation or commentaries from bosses, and co-workers, and letters from customers or happy clients, etc. Be sure to quantify what you've done. Employers are impressed when you can show percentage increases, savings, dollars gained, productivity upgraded, etc.

When you're carefully prepared and follow these proven interview tips, you look and sound like a pro. And this will put you light years ahead of the competition!