The Interview - be Focused

by : Wynnwith

The interview. It's something everyone has to go through once in a while, but that seldom makes it any less nerve-wracking. However, with a bit of preparation, focus, and a positive attitude, what may seem like an ordeal can in fact be a fantastic opportunity. The interview is your chance to sell yourself - an almost unrivalled platform for you to get your message across and ensure that your prospective employers are aware of your key skills and experience.

If you're going to make the most of that opportunity, though, it's important to go into the interview with a clear focus on what you want to do, the crucial information that you feel the interviewers should know, and how you want to come across. First of all, make sure you're clear on the format for the interview. Who will be conducting the interview, and will it take any special form? Will you be asked to prepare any special material, or take part in any kind of psychometric testing or group exercises? Will there be second stage interviews for shortlisted candidates? It pays to make sure that you won't encounter any surprises when you show up at the company's headquarters.

Having done that, do your homework. One of the prime reasons for candidates being rejected at an interview is simply that they do not have a clear understanding of what the company does or where their role fits into that business plan. Explore their website, read up on their activities, and make sure that you are up to date with any current developments in your chosen field.

Perhaps most important of all is to prepare thoroughly and to be focused on what you want to say in the interview. If you were selling a product, you'd want to know what its main features were, the unique selling points that would make a customer want to rush out and buy it. The same is true of yourself. Read the job and personal specifications carefully, if they have been provided; think about how you will persuade the interviewers that you fit each of the criteria they're looking for. Make a list of the main points of your CV that you're keen to get across, and focus on how you will sell that CV when you are in the interview.

Everyone gets nervous before a big interview, but by focusing on your goals, you will find that they become exciting opportunities instead of trials.