How to Get a Job in Five Steps

by : Edward Mellett

Attending job interviews is a very daunting process, especially if you have little or no previous experience. Traditional one-to-one meetings tend to be highly formal and intense, whilst group assessment days force graduates to compete, Apprentice style, for the glory of a graduate job. It's vital to prepare extensively for each company you visit, and follow these five key points:


Preparation is perhaps the most important part of your interview process. Spend at least a few hours researching your company before you do anything else.

Take a copy of your CV with you to the interview. Carry it in an executive style, A4 size, black holder.


The most important thing to get right and the easiest to get wrong is timing. Arriving even five minutes late, could quite easily cost you the job.

Never take risks with interviews. Get the early train, and if you arrive with excess time clear your mind in a local coffee bar. Arrive at reception ten to fifteen minutes before your organised interview time and politely announce that you have arrived. Be confident and smile. It pays off to be nice to receptionists, interviewers sometimes ask for their opinions of you too!

Meeting and Greeting

When you meet your interviewer stand up, smile, offer your hand and greet them by name if you know it.

Be confident & outgoing

TIP: Interview nerves mean that candidates tend to speak too fast. Slow down, think about your answers and try to deliver your responses with gravitas.

Ask relevant questions

Make sure you know enough about the company to ask an interesting question about it's future. Doing just a little research, showing you know something about the employeer will set you apart from the crowd. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, have one ready.

NEVER ask questions about salary or benefits at interview, as it gives a very bad impression to the interviewer. Employers are looking for someone with enthusiasm, who wants to work at the company no matter what but certainly not someone who is only interested in the cash.