Job Interview Advice- 2 Important Tips

by : Ian

Hi guys,

My name is Ian and I'm the author of an innovative ebook called Impress your Interviewers. If you guys have been reading the news, it seems that the job market is only going to get worse. I'm here to try to help as many people as possible.

I've been trying to learn all the techniques for giving the best job interviews for the last 2 years. I've built relationships with HR managers and the professors at the Haas School of Business and I want to share 2 important techniques/tips that I have used to get more successful job interviews.

1.Connecting with people vs. Being serious and business-like (ie. Really really professional) at the job interview

Well guys, what's the intuitive thing to do? That's right, try to be serious and really professional and answer questions in a "business" manner. While it's good to have a professional dress and a professional manner of speaking, it's not always good to put on the business-like persona at a job interview.

Remember when your mom said "Be yourself?" Well she was right for the most part. I recently interviewed a high-level Marketing professor at the Haas School of Business who's worked for big companies with Mattel and Clorox. She told me that what she looks for is "chemistry", ie connection with the other person when she was conducting a job interview.

So, when you guys in a job interview, are you trying to be serious, or are you trying to make a real connection? Is there a smile on your face? Are you speaking enthusiastically about the position and about your past work experience? Are you using your hands to express yourself? Or... Are you being stiff and trying not to move and being real emotionless.

I'm currently in the job market myself and a goal I like to use nowadays is "how can I make this recruiter not only want to hire me, but like me enough want to be my friend?" I'm into building relationships for the long-term. I suggest you keep the same goal in mind.

2.Resume Line-by-line technique for job interviews

You've parked your car. You walk out of the car, fixing your attire in the little left hand mirror of the car. You make sure you have all your papers. Then you go into the building and up the escalator. You can feel the nervousness creep up on you, and you haven't even reached the office yet.

Finally you're there and now you're waiting to go into the job interview room. What the one thought going through your head? Oh God, I hope I don't answer any question wrong! You can see the result if you do answer any question though. You picture the job interviewer saying "hmm" in a confused "that has nothing to do with what I asked" manner and jotting down the "death" notes. You're finished. "NEXT!"

How do you avoid this? Well, you can't always know every question a job interviewer can ask no matter how many "common questions and answers" are listed online, but I'm confident that you can have most (if not all) the answers. There's a good way to do this and it starts way before the wait to go into the interview room.

Here's what you can do. The day before the job interview, pull up two screens on your computer: 1. The job description and 2. Your resume. Now read the job description twice and then go to your resume. Then line-by-line, go through your resume and relate it to the job description. Keep asking yourself, how does this relate to the job?

Take as long as it takes! Take notes if you have to. If you rack your brain long enough, you can always find a way to link the two. This is true even if you have switched careers. The knowledge you gained and the lessons you learned should still apply to the job interview.

I hope you've gotten a lot of value out of these ideas. I invite you to come take a look at my website at where I have even more great free tips. I also I have a job interview ebook that will teach you the techniques and the tasty stuff to maximize your successful job interviews that will give you the incredible advantages over the competition, which is great considering the job market we're going into.

Thanks for reading guys,