Answering A Question Weakness

by : Bryan Burbank

If you have been in a interview before you know that this question always comes up, "What is your Weakness". Everyone hates to hear the question because it is a double edged sword because the most perfect answer to the question still implies that you have a weakness. You want to answer the question without admitting that you have a weakness because after all you want to get the job.

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It is important to understand that the person who is interviewing you has heard all the answers to this question before and you want to make sure your answer does not sound like you are feeding him a line. The question itself is not as important as to how you handle a stress question like this.

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The most important think to do is to be honest when someone ask you this question because there is nothing worse than sitting there trying to make up an answer that sounds fishy.

Also you do not want to reveal a weakness that is so great that it will cost you the possibility of getting the job. You want to stay truthful with your answer but if you have trouble getting along with others and you are interviewing for a job that you will need to work with others, then don't tell them that is your weakness.

Finally try to stay away from, "Your biggest weakness being your biggest strength." It sounds like a scripted answer and they have heard it a million times before. Again you want to sound genuine in the interview and not act like you are hiding something.