These are Some of the Questions to Ask at the Job Interview

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

You may wonder what questions to ask at the job interview, as you are not the interviewer. After giving answers to the questions asked by the interviewer, the interviewer expects that you too will ask some questions. Before finishing the interview, an interviewer always asks one last question. The question will always be "Do you have any queries?" Many candidates are in a habit of saying" No". By saying "No" to this question, you are indicating the interviewer that you are disinterested in the company or the job. If you do not ask questions to the interviewer, the interviewer may wonder if you would stay away from asking queries on the job.

Before going to any interview, you should always be prepared with the list of questions that you would like to ask to the interviewer. Never ask questions about vacation time, salary, employee benefits etc in the beginning. Ask queries that show your eagerness and keenness to work for the company.

You should ask questions that indicate your interest towards the job and also questions that gives a good impression about you to the interviewer. If you say to the interviewer that you have read in a magazine that the company is going to expand its operations and that, you want to know the regions the company is planning to expand its operations. You can also questions about the post for which you are giving the interview.

Questions to ask at the job interview can be such as "Why is this post available"? "Is this post a new one"? If it is not a new one then you can ask, "How long this post existed"?, number of people that held this post in the last one year. You can also ask questions about the names of your seniors and juniors. Questions such as "To whom would you supervise"? "Who would be your supervisor"? give information about other employees of the company. You can also inquire about the financial condition about the company.

You can also inquire about the projects that you will be working on. Ask questions related to the company's culture such as "Is the company's culture formal and rigid or flexible and relaxed"? You can ask whether the company or your department is facing any problem, If the company is facing any problem ask about the methods that are being implemented to overcome the problem.

You can also ask about the number of employees that are working in the department. You can also inquire about the ethics, philosophy and working environment of the company. You can ask the interviewer about the company's weaknesses and strengths, company's major competitors, company's process of measuring the performance of an employee, short and long-term goals of the company. You can also ask about the promotional policy of the company. You can ask about the best opportunities for new employees. Ask the interviewer about the qualities of an ideal employee.

You can end the interview by stating that you are very much interested in the post.