The Struggling Internet Marketer

by : Bobby Walker

Instead of giving you advice on how to make a million bucks, and

pretending to be famous and wealthy, I would like to talk about

all the net-prenuers who aren't making a living on the information


Everytime you turn around, someone is trying to sell you the next

sliced bread, or the answer to your prayers. Who's buying these

dreams? I'll tell you who, people like me, people that still have

a full-time job and are getting griped out by their spouses for

spending to much time on the net when they get home! People who are

hoping one day they can make a better life for themselves. But the sad

truth is that most of the people who are buying these products never

see any residual income at all. Meanwhile, the big dogs are getting richer

and richer. No need to prove my point on this, just look at all the

Wal-Mart stores in the United States.

But there is hope for struggling net warriors, in the form of Stone Evans!

Yes, this guy is everywhere. It's hard to do any type of home business

search and not see his face. Stone has almost blasted through the

stratosphere with his Plug-in Profit website, while helping net newbies

develop some type of structure and business plan for lifetime residual

income. Like thousands of other people, I to have a Plug-in Profit website

that has been a breeze to setup. With only minor stumbles here and there, I

have navigated my way through the site to it's completion. If you can read

the directions on a box of Hamburger Helper, you can start an online business

with Stone's website. (All your work is in the promotion.)

I hope to make some type of profit at the end of my first full month, while

it will probably be trivial, it's a start! Giving me and thousands of others

enough inspiration to not give up on their dreams. From what I've experienced

so far, It's definitely worth the time and effort to promote one yourself.

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