Free Forex Advice - Forex Tips

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

All the forex advice you need to become a successful trader is available on the internet for free.

Here we will show you where to get the best forex advice for free and turn you into a profitable trader.

A common error

A common error made by many novice forex traders is to think that they can buy a system or an e-book from a guru for $100 or so and buy success.

Now, while there is some good forex advice sold on the net, the bulk of it is not worth the money.

Most of it is sold by salesmen (who have never traded) or failed brokers who cant trade and decide they may as well sell advice.

It is common sense that you cannot buy forex success for $100 or so, as if the forex advice worked then it would not be sold.

A quick way to decide if sold forex advice is worth your hard cash is to ask for a real time track record of real money made in the markets.

After that look for a money back guarantee.

If you don't get both the above don't buy it.

The reason you should do it on your own is that if you get your own forex advice and study it you will have confidence in it.

This means you will be more likely to follow it with discipline when you come to trade it.

It is far harder to follow someone else's advice with discipline than your own, as you will always understand your own better.

The internet has all the information you need for free and here are some topics to look up and study

1.Technical analysis

Everything you need to know can be found on the net from advantages to the chart formations.

2.Technical indicators

You will know how to draw charts and what the formations mean from Point 1. Now you need some timing indicators.

Good ones to look up are: Bollinger bands, stochastics, moving averages, RSI and MACD. By all means look up others but the above are the ones we find most useful for entering a market

Go to a free chart service such as and look at them on some live charts.


Now you have looked at some charts and some indicators to help you identify and enter trends you need a methodology.

Perhaps the easiest methodology to use is a breakout method.

Look it up.

It's easy to understand and easy to implement and it works.

4.Putting it altogether.

With the forex advice you have you can build a simple system to trade.

Base the system on breakouts and use chart support and resistance to spot profitable trading set ups.

You can then experiment with various technical indicators to help you enter breakouts.

Our own personal way of trading uses chart support and resistance to set up trades.

We then define entry with stohastics (a momentum indicator) and RSI which is an indication of the strength of the price and that's it.

There is a lot of forex advice on the net that makes forex trading more difficult than it really is.

In fact, anyone with the free forex advice on the net can build test and implement a system based upon sound logic.

Keep in mind

The majority of traders fail because they lack discipline.

This comes from the fact that they don't have confidence in their system and throw in the towel as soon as they have a few losses.

By taking some time to build your own system, you will have confidence in it and will be more able to follow it with discipline.

The fact is all the forex advice you need to build and trade a system for yourself is free.

If you put in the time and effort your study will be handsomely rewarded.