Home Business Success Story

by : yaali786

Is it difficult to sell a resell right product ? Yes, it is. Why is it so ?

1. There might be hundreds if not thousands of website owners who might have grabbed resell rights to the same product that you are selling.

They might be selling the same product that you are selling right now.

2. Visitors in your niche might have gone crazy seeing the same product all around with the same copy, same graphics and same website design.

3. The older a resell right product gets, selling power of the product gets lower and lower.

4. The competition is fierce. As it is easy and cheap to acquire resell rights, everyone and their dog are selling them to make money.

5. In short, the product is all around the web. You are NOT the only person who is selling it. keep that in mind.

Now what to do ? You need to give a very strong reason to your visitors to grab that product from YOU rather than your competition, selling the same product.

You need to apply some intelligent marketing tricks that puts you above your competition and makes your product stand out from the crowd.

Here are some internet marketing tactics to get your creative juices flowing...

1. Make sure you create your own salesletter to sell your resell right product. This will differentiate you from the crowd.

2. Create your own killer graphics. Ebook covers, report, magazine covers, box covers, etc continue to pull in more sales and will increase your conversion rate.

3. Create your own unique follow-up system jam-packed with ecourse, mini-ebook and reports.

This will increase your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers and close more sales.

4. Include your picture, complete address, email address, phone numbers and any personal details you like on your site.

This will make it easy for your visitors to contact you.

5. Combine your resell right products and convert them into a unique package of your own.

6. Add amazing bonuses. Bonus increases perceived value of your product and increases sales.

7. Create a killer guarantee. Provide your visitors with 1 year no questions asked risk-free money back guarantee.

This will motivate your visitors to order now and give your product a try.

8. Start providing a unique service in your niche. Providing a valuable service of your own will make your site completely unique far above your competition.

9. Don't price your product too high or too low. It must be somewhere in the middle keeping your competitors price in mind.

Your product should be reasonably priced and also make you serious profits in the process.

10. Provide high quality customer service. While doing this ask your customers for testimonials and stick them on your site.

Your own customer testimonials will put you far ahead of your competition and make your website visitors trust you.

It is as simple as that. Here's my true story...

Using the same 10 block formula I have presented above, I purchased a $47 resell right package and converted that one time investment into $5000 sales in few short months.

This is the power of grabbing quality resell right products and applying the above 10-step system to make it unique.

Now the MOST important step is to pull up your sleeves and get down to work.