Fact: Forex Trading is not Easy - 95% of Traders Lose!

by : Kelly Price

As a regular trader I am amazed at what I see written about forex trading and how easy it is - it may be easy to become a forex trader but it's far harder to win! Here are some facts to consider before you start to trade.

I have been a trader for 25 years and can tell you from first hand experience becoming a winner is not easy, listen to what I say, as I am no self proclaimed guru or mentor guaranteeing success.

The first fact to consider is there is a lot of advice on the net making claims that simply are not realistic and in many cases pure lies.

Trade with 80% accuracy, earn 20 pips a day, earn a regular income, the secrets of market movement revealed etc. you've seen them as well.

There normally made with no substantiation (try and get a real track record) and mostly marketed by clever sale people or failed brokers.

Fact: They make money from selling you information not trading it, well that's one way to make a guaranteed income from forex trading!

Once you have ignored the ridiculous claims, consider this:

Currency trading does offer huge rewards but with these rewards come risk.

The bigger the risk the bigger the reward - if you don't like risk don't trade currencies.

Once you have accepted these facts - there is good news!

The first is that anyone who wants to can learn to trade and take calculated risks and make a lot of money - forex trading remains one of the few areas where you can still start with small stakes and become wealthy.

The opportunity is open to all and there is no reason you can't take advantage of it.

You need to learn the right knowledge and base your forex trading strategy on trading the odds and you can get all the information free on the net.

Work smart and only learn what you need to and keep it simple - it's a fact of currency trading that simple systems work best as they are more robust.

Then it's all down to mindset and the discipline to follow your system to gain long term success.

Don't believe it's easy, but don't believe it's impossible - its not.

As in all money making ventures (and forex trading is no different) you need to reply on yourself and get a system together you can have confidence in and follow it with discipline to win longer term.

You can do it but if you want to be a successful forex trader take into account what I have said and approach the markets with a realistic attitude of what you need to do and you can achieve currency trading success - good luck!