Learn How to Trade Forex Currencies

by : Eugene Garner

Well, you have you decided to seek your fortune in the fantastic world of Forex currency trading?
You aren't alone, and you have probably wondered if all the myriads of "How to Make Your Fortune" books out there and the seminars you hear about have any merit? You probably also wonder about the advisability of opening an account with a Forex broker and putting up some risk capital?
Read almost any article on the subject of investing and you will get the sense that even though they point out the risk of failure, their 'tools' and/or strategies will turn you into a BIG winner!
Well Good luck! Although there are many excellent programs out there that DO work as advertised, what they don't tell you is: WHAT is going to WORK for YOU?
Every one of the Forex guru's approach to this learning task is a "one size fits all" approach. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your take on this) we are NOT alike in most ways. Only the greed/fear syndrome seems fairly constant amongst all participants.
We all have different attitudes, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, ad infinitum. So, what would appear doable for one may be totally impossible or total confusion to another.
Some have the patience to watch grass grow and take their profits at mowing time, while others need the thrill of the daily hunt and kill to bring home the bacon. And then there are all those that fall somewhere between these extremes.
There is probably truth in most any of the myriad of 'how to's' out there, but you will have to search out and find what works for you. Remember what works for me won't necessarily work for you. Also know that the crowd is usually wrong so you have to find something that few others are doing.
Now, I know that I haven't given you much of substance to this point. But here is what I do recommend.
If the Forex markets appeal to you, start purchasing and reading the various sources that you come across. Most all have a money back guarantee. If they don't, forget them. Find what appeals to you and reject what doesn't make sense and get your money back. Test and utilize what makes sense to you.
Open a practice account with a broker. Most brokers have free practice accounts that you can actually trade using the actual data feeds and trading platforms that actual traders use. You actually get experience in trading and get the 'feel' of how it works.
A word of warning: Although the results you get from this 'practice trading' mirrors precisely what you would have made with real money, it does not account for the 'greed/fear' syndrome. Only risking real money that you have earned will expose you to that evil beast.
The emotions of fear, greed and ego have ruined more trading accounts than any other factor. Just look at how people get trampled out of the stock market when it takes a dump, while those with a sound investment plan just dollar cost average their way to success in the long haul ignoring the inevitable downturns.
Believe it or not, you will find that which resonates with you will work and won't cost you an arm and leg to find it. Do NOT put out your money for expensive training programs unless they also have a guarantee. Remember, they are selling information and there is no guarantee on the time you might waste on their program(s). Your time IS valuable.
I have been profiting in the Forex markets for some time, but I know that what I focus on is not what 90% of Forex traders look at. I won't 'advertise' it as a 'system' since I know that most woundn't get it, nor should they, but it works for me.
There are just too many ways that do work for those that take the time, perseverance and energy to find what works for them. Some may stumble on what works for me, and succeed but that would just be a coincidence.
For resources and more info on the Forex markets take a look at I think that YOU can succeed in this money maker as well as anyone! I feature the best Forex resources that makes sense to me, but understand, what makes sense to me might be rubbish for you and vice versa.
You just have to find what make sense and works for you! Happy hunting!