Live the Dream of Financial Freedom

by : Kelly Price

Imagine being able to trade your way to financial freedom in forex trading and in just 30 minutes a day build wealth quickly. Is it possible to do this? Certainly it is, so long as you keep these facts in mind.

Firstly 95% of traders lose money but don't let this worry you to much.

The facts also point out that everything about forex trading can be specifically learned, by those traders prepared to put in the time and effort to do so.

A stunning example of this was "the turtle" experiment (see our other articles) where traders with no previous experience were taught to trade successfully in 14 days and ALL went on to make millions!

In forex trading the lessons from the above experiment you would be wise to learn are:

1. You need to work smart not hard

Knowledge is not power in forex markets and accumulating knowledge for the sake of it won't help you.

You don't get paid for effort in forex markets you get your reward for being RIGHT.

All you need is a simple Forex trading system that you can have confidence and you need to keep it simple as - they work far better than complicated ones, as there are fewer elements to break, in the brutal world of real time trading.

Again keep in mind what we have said earlier:

You get paid for being RIGHT that's it - so don't try and be clever.

You may be thinking this all sounds a bit easy and yes learning to trade is not hard - the hard bit is - executing the knowledge in a disciplined fashion.

2. You Need to Have confidence and discipline

If you can't execute your forex trading strategy with discipline, you don't have a strategy at all!

Executing a system in a disciplined fashion is the hard part in forex trading.

It's well known that emotions get involved and ruin most traders.

Trading with discipline sounds easy but is anything but - its hard especially when money is on the line.

If you want to have discipline you need to have confidence and this really comes from building and understanding your own trading system.

You can't buy this for a few hundred dollars - its doing the groundwork and doing it yourself that will give you the confidence to follow your system with discipline.

3. The Key To Your Success

Perhaps the one element I have missed out is desire.

If you have a burning desire to win and succeed - chances are you will do what is necessary to make it so.

If you read about the great traders and a good place to start is with Market Wizards - Jack schwager (Edit) - You will note that all the traders interviewed (and this is the cream of trading talent) had a burning desire to succeed, love what they're doing, are humble and enjoy taking risks and the challenge Forex trading presents.

The Challenge

If that sounds like you, then there is nothing to stop you making it to - all you need to do is work smart and go into forex trading with the right mindset.

Good luck!