Novice to Professional Trader in 14 Days!

by : Kelly Price

Here we are going to look at becoming a successful forex trader in just 2 weeks by showing you how to work smart NOT hard, to achieve success and enter the elite 5% of traders who have successful forex trading strategies.

Before we look at devising your forex trading strategy lets start with an inspiring story:

Over 20 years ago trading legend Richard Dennis set about proving anyone can learn to trade. He took and taught a group of people with no experience and after 14 days he let them trade.

The result?

They made Dennis $100 million and went on to become some of the most famous traders ever.

Now were not saying you are going to become as rich as the turtles but Dennis taught them only what they needed to know to win - no filler, just the facts they needed.

That's what you need to do to. Forget all the gurus and mentors trying to sell you short cut junk systems and understand this - if you want to win you need to get the right information and do it on your own.

Only you can give yourself currency trading success

So let's get started and look at what you need to do.

The Basics

You need to learn the basics and this is easy the net has loads of good free information on how to trade, execute trading signals etc so spend a few days reading up on them.

Your Forex Trading System

You need to decide if you want to be a fundamental or technical trader and by far the easiest way is to be a technical trader and use forex charts.

Can you read and spot patterns on a graph?

Then you can use forex charts, you just need to know what formations to spot.

Building Your Forex Trading Strategy

The best way to start is with a complete understanding of support and resistance and base your method on a breakout methodology (we don't have time to discuss it fully here) but look it up.

Trading breakouts is a timeless way to make money - the turtles did it and most of the worlds top traders do it and so should you - you're in good company!

You need to get some indicators together to confirm price momentum to enter your traders, so learn about price momentum indicators and also market volatility and standard deviation.

You can then use some tools that help you confirm:

Look up stochastic RSI and ADX.

And for volatility:

Look no further than the Bollinger band.

Well that's all easy enough - now for the hard part.

Forex trading is relatively simple yet few succeed and this is not down so much to learning a method - that's easy.

You can easily learn and digest what we have asked you to look at above in a few days - the hard part is applying your method with discipline.

If you can't apply your method with discipline you really have no method at all.

Trading is probably 30% method 70% mindset.

Its emotions that kill 95% of traders so you need to build a framework to keep your emotions in check and maximize you're trading profits

You need to be disciplined in money management and this means:

Taking risks when the time is right, holding profits and maximizing them and finally liquidating losers quickly.

This is vital to turn your method into a profitable forex trading system and we will cover - Discipline and money management and risk, in part 2 of this article series.