Forex Traders Made Millions in 2 weeks!

by : Monica Hendrix

The turtle story is a trading story that will inspire and motivate you. If you want to get some great forex education learn how a group of traders with no previous experience went on to make millions after just 14 days.

The experiment took place over 20 years ago.

Legendary trader Richard Dennis in 1983 set out to prove that successful trading could be learned by anyone who learned the right information and he set out to prove his point - He interviewed 23 people for the test, who only had one thing in common:

None had any previous trading experience, they were also of all ages both men and women and from diverse backgrounds which included:

A security guard, two professional card players, a kid fresh from school and a female book keeper.
He trained the group in just 14 days and then set them off to trade.

The result?

This group went on to be some of the most successful and famous traders of their generation and may are
still trading successfully today.

How did they do it?

Getting the RIGHT Information

Dennis set out to teach them a simple method; they could have confidence in and this was the key to the experiment.

The method had to be simple and logical so the traders could apply strict money management rules with discipline to achieve long term success.

Of course, if a method is not applied with discipline the method is doomed to fail

There was no filler in the material he taught them just what they needed to know to achieve success - he taught them to work smart not hard and this can be seen in how quickly he did it just 14 days!

Trading is relatively simple about 95% of traders lose all their money - and they fail not because they cant learn currency trading, it's a fact anyone can but they either have methods that don't work but more often than not, its their mindset that sees them fail.

Dennis focused on keeping the method simple and easy to understand and gave them the mindset to succeed. He taught them to follow the method with discipline and run their profits and cut their losses.

The experiment was a success of course but the question you may ask yourself is:

Is it really that easy to learn forex trading?

Its not easy of course, nothing ever is if there are big profits to be made - but it's not hard either -
ANYONE can do it as the experiment proved.

You simply need to get the right forex education and get the right mindset to succeed.

Anyone can learn trading - it's a specifically learned skill not a natural born gift.

Most traders of course don't succeed but this is down to them, no one else is to blame.

Trading is hard to master because its hard to get the right mindset but there is a big difference between something being hard and not being achievable at all.

You can succeed just as the turtles did if you accept:

Trading success is a combination of the right mindset and the right knowledge.

Most traders learn the wrong type of forex trading information or are lazy and expect some mentor to give them success and they lose. Wining in trading comes from within and you need to take charge of your own destiny success rests on your shoulders.

Most of the systems and e-books sold on the net are junk not from traders at all but from marketing companies who never traded in their lives!

They make their money making claims that have no substantiation and the gullible novice traders fall for it.

There are good courses out there but there few and far between but if you can find a good one then it can be very valuable especially if the people teaching are traders themselves

The Challenge

If you have the desire to succeed and are prepared to learn the right knowledge, then you can achieve currency trading success.

The question is:

Are you up for the challenge, do you have desire and will you work hard?

If you are, forex trading can offer you the opportunity to make big consistent gains

Be inspired by the turtles and set yourself on the road to currency trading success - there is nothing to stop you achieving success - accept the challenge today!