Mini Forex Trading - 11 Advantages Of Mini Forex Trading

by : Abhishek Agarwal

The forex industry has seen the entry of many traders with limited capital.Traders who are comparatively new to the online forex trading business are also able to sustain the risks involved.

The traders were exposed to the world of currency trading with not that high a risk with the development of Mini forex trading accounts that requires a minimum account size of $300. Also, the mini forex trading account holders can trade 1/10 currency lots instead of the entire currency lots.With smaller lot sizes, the traders are exposed to real life trading with comparitively lesser market and risk exposure because,the value of one mini pip is the same as one dollar.

The traders are exposed to the trading and are made aware of the reliability and the quality maintained in the trade practices and also the stability of the forex trading.Individuals who are wanting to develop their own strategy and build on their confidence in this particular industry will be benefited by mini forex account trading.

The advantage of mini forex trading is that, the traders in this segment have the liberty to enjoy the benefits that are applicable to the full size holders as well.

1. Mini forex trading uses the exact same state of art resources and tools as that of standard account.

2. The traders will continue to be exposed to the world's biggest liquid market.

3. Traders receive a complete free streaming, live and double sided quotes

4. It provides immediate fill reports

5. The trades are not commission based and the traders are able to check their accounts live.

6. Another important advantage in case of mini forex trading is that the traders are able to create a strategy on forex trades and they also improve their discipline and at the same time, not giving more importance to their profits and losses.

7. A trader can fixate on the fluctuations of his equity, if he can trade a full size currency of 100,000 units. This can be done by traders who have small balances.By doing so, the decision making capacity of the trader can get affected, as it is highly based on the emotions of the traders.

8. The traders usually do not close out those trades that do not result in profits, as they continue hoping that the market would infact favour them.It is the instinct of the traders to make immediate profits with the market movement, rather than maximising gains by allowing free flow of profits.

9. The training methods developed in case of mini forex trading, gaining the confidence of a particular trader who is successful, helps one to sustain the distractions, pressure and the anxiety in case of occurrence of any P&L swing.

10. It is not always necessary to use all currency units when starting a mini forex trading account. The lots can be utilized as and when required when a trader builds his confidence level, in order to increase his profits. The lot of 10,000 is available for a trader to customise the size per deal that might suit his needs and requirements.

11. Another good point in case of mini forex trading is that, a trader would not be too stressed out in case of a loss. It depends on the trader's ability to stick to his strategy and to maintain discipline in order to perform well in the future. For example, a loss of 50-pip on a position of 100,000 EUR/USD is the same as $500 loss, however, it would only be $50 in case of a 10,000 EUR/USD with respect to a mini account.

One has to have the guts and the will power to face losses in a forex trading industry;however,if one can perform making use of the platform that is similar to the standard account, why not go for mini forex which gives an individual it's unlimited benefits.