Bank Bags: The Little Safe You Can Carry in Your Pocket

by : Art Gib

There are many different kinds of high security tote bags available on the market to help you safely transport cash, valuables, or sensitive documents. The most popular variety actually has locks on the zippers, making them nearly impossible for anyone without a key to have access to the bag's contents.

There are three different lock systems incorporated in deposit, or high security bank bags. While NO BAG is completely theft proof, these money bags offer a much higher degree of security because of the locking system and basic construction of the bags.

The first thing to consider when selecting the right high security bank bags for your needs is the size of the item(s) you intend to put inside the bank bags. No high security bank bag will meet your needs if it is either too bulky or too cramped to easily accommodate the intended contents.

Next you should consider who will have or should have access to the keys to your money bags. How many keys are necessary, and who should hold on to them? Do you need any spares? Another question relative to key concerns is Do you want separate keys for each bank bag, or do you want them keyed alike (all keys identical)? You can also have the bank bags random keyed, or keyed to a master key which opens all your bank bags. You should consider your present money transportation needs, as well as your future needs, which may expand or change.

Some bank bags require a key in order to lock the bag while others require a key only to open the bag. This is generally the most determining factor in choosing the correct bank bag system to meet your needs. Choosing bank bags that require a key to lock the bag offers an additional measure of security, but also poses and additional risk and accountability in the handling and transportation of currency, documents, and the various items that one may place inside.

While none of these systems would be easy to penetrate, the bag requiring a key to lock the bag offers the most integrity regarding the lock itself. When the bank bags are zipped closed and locked, it is the lock head that actually holds down the slider which does not allow the slider to move backwards. It is seated in a metal cradle when locked making it virtually impossible to penetrate.

Choosing the right bank bags for transporting your valuables can offer you security and peace of mind. Know your options, and choose the one that is right for you.