Conference Calling... Not Just For Business Anymore

by : Michael Fedeli

We need to schedule a Conference Call! Not to long ago thatstatement was only uttered in the CEO's office or in the boardroom. But now, thanks to the phenomenal drop in long distancecalling costs, conference calling is affordable to almost anygroup or organization that wants to get together to discuss theimportant issues.

While conference calling is now relatively inexpensive there isstill a per minute per participant cost. Conference callingshould only be used when the cost of the call would be cheaperthan gathering all of the participants together on one room. Forexample if your entire group resides in the same city, why makea conference call when you could just schedule a meeting. Ifyour group is spread Statewide, or has members in other Statesor Countries then conference calling is the way to go.

Just think of the expense, time and hassles that can beavoided. Travel time, airfare, hotel bills, rental car fees andgas costs. Now, sometimes groups just have to meet face to facefor important events and meetings. In these instances conferencecalls can be used as Gap Filler meetings to pass along importantinformation and updates.

Lets talk about some of the new applications that conferencecalling is now being used for. Family reunions are one of themost popular, especially for families with relatives spread allover the USA or the World. If you have an actual reunion thereare always those who can not attend for one reason or another.So why not schedule a conference call. You can put the mainphone, where all of the physical attendees are, on speaker phoneand have all of the remote folks call in at a designated time.This would also be great over the holidays. Conference callingis now being used for all kinds of reunions such as Collegeclasses, military units or any circles of friends who are nowseparated geographically.

Most conference call services available today offer two plans,flat rate and per minute. With flat rate the subscriber canschedule as many conferences as he or she wants and pay onemonthly fee. With per minute plans all participants call a tollfree number and the subscriber pays the per minute cost for eachindividual caller. There is no cost to the participants foreither of these plans, only the actual subscriber receives abill.

For more formal or business conference calling most providersalso offer operator assisted and operator attended conferencesfor an extra fee.

There are several conference call providers that offer onlinesign-up and no monthly fee so you only pay when you actually usethe service. Have fun and schedule a conference call today