Blogger Blues

by : Lyn Davis

If you are one of the people out there that does not know what a blog is… it is time you got involved in your own blogging adventure. Blogging can be fun. You can set up your own personal blog, there are many places that can be done for free. Use your favorite search engine, and do a search for "free blog", you will find several resources. Look at the different options and see which one most appeals to you. is one of the more popular ones, but you may find others that you like better.

A blog is a web log. I like to describe it as an online diary or journal. Blogs are used for different purposes, either business or personal. Personal blogs are very popular, often used to share events going on in your life such as your recent vacation, family birthdays, reunions, or just to share your personal thoughts and ideas. Businesses use blogs to share new products or services they offer to their customers. There is no limit to what you can put on your blog. Blogging is an opportunity to voice your opinion. Use caution that you are not slandering a person, product or business. If you make a statement like "xjrkmproduct is poisonous" you might be opening yourself to possible legal repercussions… however if you say "xjrkmproduct tastes like poison to me" then that is your opinion.

You can set you blog up to follow a particular theme, you will want to do some planning before you start your blog. Perhaps you want to share information about your favorite hobby. Start a list of things you want to cover on your blog. Do you want to add photos? Do you want to provide a list of recommended resources? You might want to do a search to see other blogs available on the topic you want to cover… see what you like or don't like about those blogs and make yours better!

You don't have to have a particular theme on your blog, it is perfectly ok to set up a blog and write whatever comes to mind. Hopefully you have thoughts going on in your head that others will enjoy reading about, but even that is not a requirement. If you enjoy blogging that is all that is important.

When you are starting out, it is not necessary to have your own domain name registered, but if you ever decide you want to take your blog to the next level, it is quite easy to add a blog to your own domain name. This will involve purchasing a domain name, and finding hosting for your domain name.