Motorola T4512 Two-way Radio - Magic in your Pocket

by : Dennis Jaylon

If you are looking for good features and great utility in two way radios, then T4512 from Motorola would surely delight you. It makes communication within a group, a wonderful experience and is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus it is water and shock resistant, which makes it superb for use in the open space like in wood lands.

Motorola T4512 has all the great features of two way radios. For most of the users, the impressive feature is that it is water proof and shock resistant. This makes it a very good device to be carried along on hiking or trekking trips. It has a range of 5 kilo meters, however in the open the range may decline to even 2 km.

Then there are other cool features like "Push To Talk" technology and LCD backlit screen which makes it easy to use it, even in pitch darkness. Plus there are common features like volume control, keypad lock, call and keypad tones, etc.. There are 8 channels and 38 anti interference codes.

I, personally, find the Motorola T4512 two-way radio - cute. It is small and very stylish. This device can snugly fit into your pocket or you can also flaunt them carrying in hand. The combination of black and silver gives T4512 a lustrous yet classy look.

The RRP price of the Motorola T4512 two-way radio is ?29.99. However, some of the leading web stores of UK are providing these cool two way radios for a price as low as ?19.57. At such prices these devices are a worth a steal.