Nokia 6280: Experience the Power of 3G Technology

by : Caitlin Lucy

Innovation is the buzz word in the world of mobile phones, as more and more sophisticated phones are hitting the mobile market every day. Making things more easier and convenient, the mobile phones are rapidly becoming our most reliable gadgets. Moreover, the advent of 3G technology has also brought many revolutionary changes in the way we communicate or we surf the Internet. Nokia, the world leader as a mobile manufacturer has always taken the initiative to bring all the latest features and technology at your fingertips in the most convenient way. Living up to the expectations, the Nokia introduced its another gizmo - the Nokia 6280, which is packed up with substantial features.

The Nokia 6280 is a slider phone and it does look somewhat enticing. All you got to do is to slide open the Nokia 6280 and thus reveals its intuitive keypad, which opens the world of unlimited possibilities. Endowed with the large and 262 colour screen, the Nokia 6280 can provide satisfactory viewing experience. Like various other Nokia phones, the Nokia 6280 is also loaded with an inbuilt 2.0 mega-pixel camera, which is also assisted by its 8x digital zoom. Thus, you can click to grab all those defined moments with the help of the Nokia 6280. To make the photography more easier, the Nokia 6280 comes with push button and you do not need to go through the keypad. You can also share all these photographs with your loved ones, by sending the MMS.

Undoubtedly, advent of the 3G technology has completely changed our way of communication, as you can see the face of the person to whom you are talking with the help of video calling. A VGA camera is fitted on the other side of the phone, which is used for video calling. Moreover, you can also have business conferencing over the phone. To add basic music features has become essential for all the mobile phone manufacturers, as more and more music phones are coming in the mobile market every day. Thus, to stay ahead, the Nokia 6280 is also loaded with an inbuilt music player, visual radio and stereo FM radio. Moreover, its substantial memory space also allows you to download various music tracks. You can also personalise your Nokia 6280 with wallpapers and screen savers to get that personal feel.