Company Logo And Logo Apparel

by : YogaKat

Many companies do not give serious attention to one of their most important marketing aspect and that is their logo, and the company look. Too often the Logo is sloppy, hard to read, and doesn't have anything to do with the business. The shirts must be neat and consistent because presentation is also very important to your new customers.

What are the important benefits about your company's Logo and company dress or uniform?

First Marketing. A logo should show as much as possible what you do. If you do Bagels well, you should show a bagel, not the table setting. If you do yoga well, you should incorporate a yoga form as much as possible. Consider a custom designed logo. If you have a slogan it should be your company's most important quality or service that you wish to relay to your customers or future customers. Try to get that in a quick one- line blurb above, below or off to the side of the logo.

Consider the size of the logo, lettering and details that you wish to place inside that logo. Also remember that your logo will then go on all your correspondences, marketing pieces, company apparel and trucks. Succinct is better than verbose. For the company shirt you might consider the logo on the front and more information on the back of the shirt such as a website, phone number, address of other store locations, or other services, that way it doesn't distract from your logo.

Second. It provides a uniformed and consistent company image. You can designate certain areas of the company with colors or styles. For instance your security personnel may wear a short sleeve dark blue polo shirt with black and white checkered trim, and your mail personnel may wear, light blue polo shirts with black and white checkered trim, and the rest of your staff may wear a white polo shirt with the black and white checkered trim etc. For someone trying to duplicate your shirt or uniform this could be an extra security measure. Also from a distance, personnel are easily distinguished.

Third. Logo apparel is great for company outings, give-aways, rewards, and for conversations. Many times one of your staff could be out on company or personal business and someone will notice the company shirt and start a conversation about his or her company's needs and you just converted a sale without much effort at all.

Lastly it provides brand recognition, builds trust with your customers, and establishes the class of character and quality associated with a company. Embroidered logo apparel suggests a bit more selective and upscale quality whereas, a printed or silk-screened shirt suggest a more casual atmosphere or company attitude. You need to decide what is the look and feel that you are going for your company's first impression, and lasting impression. But remember make it clear from the get-go.copyright 2006 Yoga Kat