Dos and Donts of Audio Conferencing

by : Dennis Jaylon

Audio conferencing is the need of today and not just a fancy concept. Today, if you want to spread your wings to other countries and expand your business or customer base, you would have to adopt the technological developments in order to reach out to people. Audio conferencing helps you do just that and empowers you with smooth channels of communication. It also helps in cutting costs - cost of travelling, cost of lodging and cost of international calls.

But before fixing up a meeting where audio conferencing is required, it is always better to know the basic etiquettes of audio conferencing. This helps in smooth functioning of the meeting and you reduce a lot of blockages and smoothen bottle necks.

The first thing that you ought to do once you have bought the facility of audio conferencing, is know your equipments. You should know all the technical details of your equipments, how to run them, how they are to be operated and what button helps you in what way. It would be foolish to begin an audio conference meeting without knowing the right keys to operate and conduct the meeting.

Now, while you are fixing up the meeting, confirm the availability of all the members required in the meeting. Inform them well in advance about the meeting so that they reserve the time slot accordingly. Let them know that it is going to be an audio conference, so that they can gear their equipments and update them for the meeting. Give them a time and date so that you make the timings of the meeting unequivocal.

Now, the don'ts - do not start the meeting without a prior notice to all the members. Keep them informed about the fine details, technical and non technical, about the meeting. You don't want people to set up their equipments at the last minute.