Finding The Right Conference Centre

by : Shaun Parker

Conference centres are venues that cater for an enormous range of business events. The size and purpose of your event are the two biggest factors when choosing your conference centre. Generally the size of the event you are holding will put restrictions on the venue you choose. An event that looks to cater for 1000 people for example could not be held in a small venue. On the flip side however it is often possible to have even very small events such as business meetings at the biggest venues. Large venues very often cater for small groups so do not feel embarrassed about approaching a large conference for even a small meeting of 2-6 people.

The purpose of your event is an equally important factor to consider when selecting your conference centre. It goes without saying that if you are holding a meeting you need the right facilities to do so. The same applies if you are holding a training event. Finding the right place is not about blindly picking the venue that is biggest nor the centre that has the most modern technology it is instead about finding the right place that is suitable for you. Think about what you are looking for:


An auditorium is a room in which the audience is located in order to watch the presentation. The room is designed to deliver the maximum output for speeches and presentations and is a great choice for those that want to deliver a message to an audience. It is less effective as a room for interacting with delegates as it mainly focuses on the deliverer but is extremely effective for delivering a lecture or educational lesson.

Training rooms

Training rooms are the right option for people looking to train their staff somewhere independent of their company offices. It is also a great option for independent training providers that want a base for the services they offer. Training rooms often come with the option of having a full network of computers so that delegates can interact on a network. They also come with a white board, flip chart and focal point to make it easy for the training deliverer to deliver the training to the delegates.

Private dining room

One of the most important aspects of your conference is to make sure your delegates are well fed. A good diet will help your delegates maintain high levels of concentration and achieve the most from the conference. Many conference centres provide private dining facilities for their delegates. This can also double as a breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting venue so that the venue can be used to host meetings as well as provide nutrition for a conference.

Fully catered function room

Fully catered function rooms provide a great option for those looking to hold parties, awards ceremonies or meet and greet events. Delegates can be fed and can use the bar in a room designed especially for this purpose. It is a great option for those that want to include a meal in their event.

Meeting room

Most conference centres include meeting rooms that provide the necessary intimacy so that you can have an effective business meeting without being concerned with the noise or interruption. These rooms often come with modern computer networks, projector screens and interactive whiteboards.