3 Special Tips To Retain Your Loyal Clients

by : fitbiz

It is an indisputable fact that loyal, repeat clients are the backbone of every fitness business. Yet, for whatever reason, fitness professionals tend to place more emphasis on courting new clients then they do in retaining repeat clients. This could lead to a very costly mistake. By simply paying more attention to your repeat clients, you are likely to increase your profitability. How? Plainly put, repeat customers are open to your suggestions to try other services and aren't probably going to need those deep discounts you offer new clients to motivate them to try your services.

And they can be a huge referral source if you keep them happy.

What other things should you do to build better relationships with your existing clients?

Here are a few tips and suggestions:

1.Reward Loyalty. As we mentioned earlier, if you can retain your customers your revenues will increase. Research indicates that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers with us. Therefore, it obviously pays to retain those customers. Are you keeping your repeat clients engaged and interested in returning to your facility or using your personal training services again? It doesn't cost much or take much effort to let someone know you appreciate their patronage.

2.Continue to reduce the risk factor. What does this mean? When a client takes a chance on using a new business, they are encountering a high "risk factor" in terms of determining whether they will have a good experience. They are taking a risk. If they do have a good experience, you've greatly increased their satisfaction level and reduced their desire to want to take that risk again by trying another trainer or facility. No one likes to take a chance on trying another business if the one they are using is treating them well. In short, keep your clients happy. Listen to what they are telling you and learn to look for any signs that they aren't happy with the service you are providing.

3.Be aware of any milestone dates. Milestone dates are a client's contract ending and renewal dates. Typically, it is around these times that people begin to evaluate their experience with you and decide if they want to continue or not. Don't wait until that time comes to begin talking about renewal. The time to find out if there are any issues or concerns that you need to address should be done weekly. This provides you with an opportunity to address anyissues instead of the last day the contract is up for renewal. Often, it is then too late to do anything about it.

In the long run, a few simple steps, designed to keep you focused on your current clients, can be more cost-effective then spending all your time, energy and money in recruiting new clients. Statistically, it can cost you twelve times as much to hunt for new clients as it will to retain current clients. So if you can successfully retain your loyal clients, you will be able to lower your costs and boost your profits.