Mobile Headsets: Style and Comfort:

by : Ian Ball

We talk on our mobile phones a lot, while talking the receiver is to be balanced with the chin and the shoulder. However, we eventually feel that the holding of a phone in this manner give a pain to our neck. Even if you use your phone rarely, having Generally a poor phone placing give a strain to our shoulder and neck, even we use our phone rarely. Unfortunately, a simple and affordable solution was not available and only a few people took the advantage. Then there was an invention of mobile phone cord, which gave a great relief from these ills especially to vehicle drivers.

Mobile phone headset allows us to keep our both hands in free condition and gives us a freedom to carry out multi-task. We can work "hands-free" on the computer, we can freely talk while sipping our coffee cups, we can freely write the notes, we can move around, we can drive a vehicle and can talk in any emergency and can perform other various tasks. This is the best use of time, as we can get more work done in a given time without much effort. Another great advantage of mobile phone headset is that our head, neck and spine remain in correct position and our body posture does not get any strain. It reduces a great risk of our neck pain, hand muscle pains, and upper back pain and of course headaches up to a certain limit. A decent mobile phone headset can provide ease in talking on the phone for longer period and also provides comfort.

While selecting a mobile phone headset comfort should be a primary object and key in the select exercise. There are various models in different types and cost. The highest-priced cord will prove itself useless if available features and its design don't suit our requirement. As there are innumerable headset models are available in the market a proper combination of style and comfort can be chosen at one's will.

Two types of headsets- over ear or in-ear model are widely used. Over ear headset model give leaves us with two options; one- clips over the ear and a clip to our earlobe. Unfortunately, both type of cord give pain after a long use, two- in-ear option, called ear bud. These headsets operate without a mouthpiece, but still transmit your voice smoothly. A mouthpiece is not required for this type of headsets. These types of headsets suit the requirement of a driver while driving a vehicle. Comfort and style being personal things, cannot be weighed in general.

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