Advancement of Mobile Technology

by : Ian Ball

In this era of technology, mobile phones are one of the most fascinating technology that we use the most. Mobile phones have come a long way from just a medium of communication to one of our best mates. Today, it is very difficult to spend even a single day without the mobile. If our phone breaks down, it make us quite nervous.

Nowadays, mobiles come bundled with a lot of features. It's like many of the gadgets are mixed together and made into a single powerful gadget with the main features of all. Mobile serves as an iPod for listening to music, as a digital camera for taking high resolution images, as a handycam for making videos, as a computer for browsing the Internet and playing games, etc. Though it's not as good as using the individual gadgets but still the output is quite satisfying. If the advancement in mobile technology continues at this pace, we might observe new inventions in the field of individual gadgets applied to mobiles as well. This means that the mobile will be as advanced as the individual gadgets it is made up of.

We have already seen mobiles with 5 megapixel camera like the Nokia N95. The Sony Walkman series phones give as great output as an iPod. Also, the latest mobile phones can store thousands of songs in all the popular formats, thus getting closer to the iPod. The screen resolution and the number of colors supported is also increasing steadily. Mobile manufacturers are trying hard to reduce the size of mobile phones and to make them as thin as possible, though the Nokia Nseries phones don't support this fact as they are quite bulky and heavy. Even though, there is still a lot of progress to be done regarding the usage of mobiles for browsing the Internet but still it fulfills the purpose to some extent. You can also watch TV on your mobile but this technology is still developing. Some mobiles also support GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This technology helps in accessing your position, whether you are on foot or in a vehicle. You can easily get to know where you are located with the help of a map and you can also get to know the way to a particular place with the help of directions that are provided to you.

So, we might see some mind-blowing advancements in the future mobiles!

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