Virtual PBX Voice Mail System for Your Business Needs

by : Alen Smith

Voice mail services are provided by major telecom providers keeping in mind the needs of business firms, executives and the common man alike. These services are often provided in conjunction with PBX, office telephones, residential phones and cell phones. The need for the virtual PBX voice mail system arises from the fact that often business executives have multiple calls coming at the same time to their phones, but are unable to attend more than one call. Voice mail system has emerged as the best solution to this problem.

The system works by means of virtual voicemail numbers being provided by the service provider. With these numbers, the subscriber of the voicemail is able to receive and answer multiple calls simultaneously. If more than one call arrives to the number at the same time, the user can attend one number. Managing the other caller is done by the virtual system by means of greeting the caller with a prerecorded message and asking him to leave a message. The subscriber of the virtual voice mail can later check these voice messages left by the customers and can call them back. Some voice message service providers even send these voice messages as audio to the subscriber’s email.

With the virtual PBX voice mail system activated, you have the features of a high expensive phone in a cost effective manner. These mail systems are aimed at small and medium business firms who cannot afford installing and maintaining expensive telecommunication devices which offer similar functionality.

Apart from voice mail, some value added features included in most virtual PBX voice mail systems are voice to email, fax, fax to email, extension dialing, e-mail message delivery, forwarding of messages, and cell phone notifications. As a business-oriented service, the voice mailbox is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. There is also an option provided to save previous messages without having to delete them.

These virtual PBX voice mail systems have proved to be immensely helpful for doctors, executives, team leaders, patients and for those who are working in a co-operative environment. The system is maintained in such a way that even a novice phone user will find it easy to operate, as no extra hardware or software is required for the system to work. With these virtual PBX voice mail systems, the overall benefit is effective and total customer careArticle Submission, which adds value to the services provided by your company.