Paid To Read Emails ( PTR ) Legit Or Pyramid Scheme?

by : David Clemen

There are literally thousands of Paid to Read Email Programs on the Internet. As with any other business opportunities some are legitimate while others are nothing more then scams.

The difference with Paid to Read Email Programs is they are free to join and you are not aware of the scam until it is time to cash out or request your payment.

Once you do request payment you either simply are not paid or your account is terminated. Some Paid to Read Email Sites will only pay you a percentage of what you have actually earned and others will not pay you at all.

Some tips to avoid wasting your time and money:

Do the math. If their ad prices are unsustainable or they do not revamp their ads to remain sustainable prices as the site grows, RUN! How can they afford to pay 10,000 members $.01 (10,000 x $.01 = $100) to read an email when the advertiser only paid $20 for the ad?

Do not upgrade until you have been paid at least once.

Write to the Web Master of the site before you spend money with them. Did they write you back?

Watch their advertising. If they are allowing ads from unsustainable scam sites or are slow in getting advertisements out that is usually a big red flag.

I was very interested to find during my research that there was so little negative written about Paid to Read Email Programs as a whole on the internet when they are nearly impossible to actually get paid from. On the other hand, when you do get paid and do the math to see how many hours you dedicated for that $10 payoff, it wasn't worth it.

In reality the only way to make money is not by actually reading the emails but by getting people to join to read the emails. Take a look at how much they pay you to refer a new member.

3 Questions

So who is actually reading the emails?

Is anyone reading the emails?

How come all the advertising that you do receive is other Paid to Read Email Programs asking you to join?

I smell Pyramid Scheme!