Using Opt-In Email Properly

by : Scott Lindsay

If you run a business online you know how important it is to use email when you do your advertising and marketing campaigns. This is one of the most popular ways of reaching customers online. Those who engage in it know full well how vital it is to their marketing efforts. By engaging in email marketing, they know that email can catapult their sales through the roof.

The thing about this is it doesn't matter whether you are a small or large business, you have access to email. Therefore you should use it as a means of marketing to your customers. Do you have a website? If you do, are you collecting email addresses from your visitors? The best way to market online using email as the advertising medium is by placing a form on your website that collects each visitor's name and email address. When the person fills in the form, you have recorded the information so you can make contact in the future when you have something of interest to share.

There is one catch to this though. Email marketing is one of the best known ways to market your products to the masses, but it does have its drawbacks. As you probably know, spam is a problem that will not go away. The government is trying to curb it, but that effort will not last long, because spammers know how to get around the system. So in order for companies to get around this problem, they use what is known as opt-in email.

Opt-in email works for the benefit of both you and your visitor. When your visitor comes to your site and sees your offer, there will be a request for his or her name and email address. That person signs up for your offer. The user then gets an email from you asking for verification of the email address that was provided. The email states clearly the person is willing to accept offers by email. Once they click on that link or reply to verify the address, your system records that information and that's it. Since the user did agree to receive future mailings from you it is not considered spam.

As for the system that is used, most companies prefer to use a third-party list service. This type of company handles all of the collecting and sending of email, leaving you free to take care of growing your business. Using a list service may cost you money, but with all of the email notifications and rejections that may come your way, it can be well worth it.

Opt-in email is a viable method to make money online. People who use the system properly make a lot of money with it. So opt-in email does work.