Getting Mail

by : NARA

We used to wait for the post man every day except Sunday for the mail once.

When he does not turn to our house, we feel extremely unhappy.

Getting mail from dear ones is one of the best things in life.

Anxiously waiting for a mail for days together and finally getting it is a great achievement for all of us.

Thoughts are put in the form of written words either in an inland letter or in a nice piece of paper within a postal envelope, posted in a post-box, travels long distance by buses, trains, and / or aircraft.

The cycle bell heralds the arrival of the post man who delivers the mail with a smile.

If we receive good news, we shell out some money for the postman who gladly accepts it.

There used to be old and young postmen.

The old ones know every one by name in his jurisdiction, whereas the new postmen have to search for addresses in the beginning.

I used to get a good number of mails because I write to many friends often.

Nowadays the charm of getting mail has gone because of the internet and cell phone connectivity.

Contacting people through cell phones form every corner of the world is possible.

Also it is possible to send or receive within seconds e-mails through internet.

There is no time to wait for, everything happens instantaneously.

Waiting has it's own advantage and pleasure and happiness.

Receiving a mail from the postman's hand and cutting open the envelope and reading the contents was one of the real joys of life.

We used to read the thought provoking sentences, the family events and messages in those mails.

Some write five to six pages and some write briefly to convey the message as we do in

It is a pleasure to go to post offices either to buy postal stationeries or posting letters.

Registered letters, now speed posts are received only after signing a form brought by the postman as a record of delivery.

Sometimes, if we are not at home, the postman writes on the envelope the date of his visit and our absence.

If there is a neighbor who is known to him, he may deliver our letter to them with a request to hand over it when we return.

Such small help is rendered by the good neighbors.

In a colony, only certain people get more mail whereas there are people who rarely get mail.

They may not know the importance and happiness of getting mail.

If one really thinks about the happiness in receiving mail, it would be making a great self satisfaction.

Letter writing is an art, which has to be developed by reading many books on this subject.

I bought a book long ago to learn how to write good letters.

Model letters were given in that book such as business letter, love letters, personal letters, letters to the editor and many more.

Once we start writing letters knowing the receivers taste, it would be welcomed with joy.

Let us continue to get mails and enjoy reading them.

Once I did not receive a letter written by one of my friends even after a month.

I enquired the postman who said that there was no letter for me from the city I am supposed to get one.

I tried to pursue the matter by contacting my friend, who in turn told me that he was sure about posting the letter.

Later on, one fine morning, a phone call woke me up and said that the letter which was supposed to reach me was in his briefcase under a book.

Sometimes because of strike in railways, we may miss our mails or they may reach the addressee very very late.

We have experience in getting junk mails both through post ad e-mail.

They will not bring happiness but anger.

Advertisers send such junk mails which are burden for the postman as well as to the receivers.

Hence getting mail is not only the best thing in life, but also the worst thing in life!