Introduction Strategies For A Successful Interview

by : Tony Jacowski

From the minute you walk into that interview room, the interviewer is observing and judging you. If you have made some kind of faux pas as soon as you enter the interview room, no matter what you say during the actual interview process, the deal is sealed. The right impression has to be made and there is no alternative.

Be careful while introducing yourself during the interview process. Your self-introduction can make or break your chances during the interview. You may have the best qualifications, and you may be the best-suited candidate for the job - but if you did not introduce yourself to the panel appropriately, you lose vital points and it may very well cost you the job.

You may think that this is not necessary, because the interviewer already has your resume with your name and other relevant details on it. But all they have is some points on paper regarding your experience and skills. What they really want to know is whether you will fit into the structure of the organization, whether you are a team player and whether you are going to help the organization to the best of your ability.

What they are looking for during the self-introduction is an insight into your personality and the kind of person you are.

Here are some strategies you can use to effectively introduce yourself.

-Unique - Make your introduction unique. The interviewer is probably used to hearing the same old "Hi, I am Dan and I am here for the interview." If you really want to grab the attention of the interviewer, be unique and different in your self-introduction. This does not mean that you need jump into a song and dance routine, but it does mean that you be different and show them your creative side.

-Relevant - This means that your self-introduction needs to have a professional tone to it. The interviewer is not interested in hearing something as irrelevant, like the fact that you were born on the same day as some famous leader and thus naturally have leadership qualities. Introduce yourself in a way that will highlight your skills and strengths, and tone down your weaknesses.

-Bond - Introduce yourself and create a bond with the interviewer. This does not mean that you have to kiss and hug them. It just means that you find something in common with the panel and strike up a conversation. This will reflect that you have the ability to make anyone feel at ease with you and around you and this will earn you brownie points.

-Arousing - Arouse curiosity during the self-introduction process. Make statements that will arouse the curiosity of the interviewer and will make them ask questions. This will help them know you better and make a difference in your interview process.

Interviewing can be an unnerving process. Follow the steps above to make a good first impression.