Resume Writing - Basic Dos and Donts

by : Sarika Kabra

When you arrive for an interview for ajob, one of the most important things to make an impression (apart from yourturn out, comportment and confidence) is your Resume. There are certain thingsthat one needs to keep in mind when drafting an ideal resume. Once you haveyour resume sample in place, you can then make modifications in the form ofdeletions or additions as per any particular requirement. Submitting thatperfect resume therefore becomes easy when you already have a generic resumesample in place that highlights all your qualifications, abilitiesand experience. There are certain dos and don'ts that it pays to keep in mindwhen preparing your sample resume.

Make it concise: Remember, no one hasthe time to go thru a meandering and longwinded resume; the average time takento scan a resume (most people will quickly skim through a resume rather thanactually read every word and every line) is about 30 seconds. So, if yourresume is concise and to the point, you are better able to convey to the readerall that you want to. This is why old fashioned and conventional styles ofprose should be avoided. Instead try and convey what you want to by using theminimum number of words; the quickest way to put across to the reader what youwant to convey. Flowery language and long words as well as unnecessary verbiagehave no place on your resume, save that for some future project where goodlanguage will help you create a good impression.

Use requisite technical terminology butavoid unnecessary jargon: You should of course usetechnical terms and industrial keywords in your resume; it communicates theprecise information that you want to get across and also gives the impressionthat you are fully conversant with technical terminology of your field. Avoid unnecessaryuse of jargon though; this detracts from the substance of the matter and alsoseems a bit like showing off, which you should of course, avoid. Buzzwords orcurrent terminology is useful to include because it shows that you are up todate with the advancements made in the particular sphere or space.

Also your future employer does notreally want to know about what your hobbies and interests are if they arewholly unrelated to the job at hand.?However, include those if relevant or connected. If, for instance youare applying for a position with a recoding label, you may want to talk aboutyour hobbies related to music.

Proof Read:? Check and recheck your resume for spellingerrors, grammatical mistakes or errors of syntax. It gives a bad impression ifan ill-drafted resume littered with mistakes is presented. It gives the feelingof a negligent and unprofessional attitude. If required, have an experiencedand knowledgeable co-worker or friend review your resume for you. It isworthwhile to make the extra effort to create a sampleresume which gives an impression of professionalism and efficiency.

Remember your resume is like yourpotted personal historyArticle Submission, make it count!