Top 5 Things to Include in Your Resume

by : Aba Editing

Many of us have difficulty writing our resume. It is time-consuming, stressful, and, most of all, confusing. But, don't fret any longer because these tips will clear up several questions many resume writers have.

Top 5 Things to Include in Your Resume
As a professional resume writer, I have picked up on tricks of the trade. And, more importantly, I know what works for employers and what doesn't.

1) Include your physical address not mailing address.
While an employer will need your mailing address later on, unless directly asked for, omit your mailing address and only include your physical one. 

2) Include your full name not a nickname
Be professional unless you are applying for a clown position. Dont put your nickname or shortened version.

  • Doe = bad,
  • Doe the reckless - bad
  • Jane Doe = good,
  • Jane Z. Doe, Jr. = better 

3) Only include positions within the last 10 years, any jobs before this are not relevant.

This will also help with subconscious or conscious age discrimination. 

4) Include the word 'continued' on the bottom of the first page (if more than one page).

This let the reader know that there is another page in the case the pages get separated.

5) Include numbers & percentages to represent achievements.

Use percentages and exact numbers to explain your achievements over generalized terms.

While there are likely many more questions bouncing around your head, I do hope this helped you with some aspects of your resume. In this tough job marketFree Articles, an impressive resume is the key that opens the door to the perfect job.