Job Resume

by : Mario Churchill

Looking for a job can be a daunting experience. Many employers today want a resume. The days of going in to a place of employment and filling out an application are becoming a thing of the past. Many buildings are very secure and only admit people with appointments, If you are looking for a professional job, you will need to have a job resume. This can be intimidating to someone, particularly to a young person who may have just graduated high school or college and has never had a job resume.

There are plenty of ways to build a job resume, even for the novice. There are many different software programs available for computers that can help anyone build a job resume. In addition, most word processing programs have templates that can be used to build a job resume. Building a job resume is not difficult.

A person who has just completed high school or college and is looking for a job may never have had the opportunity to create a resume. They may be tempted to go to a professional resume service, which can charge them quite a bit of money. This can be a good option but not necessary. Building a good job resume is not difficult, particularly in the day and age of computers with spell check.

If you are building your first job resume, the first thing you should do is decide which type of job you are seeking. If, for example, you are thinking about applying to be a teller at a bank, then you will need a job resume that reflects the skills that a teller needs to have. A bank teller needs to be able to count money, to deal with customers, to be able to balance their drawer and to be able to concentrate on what they are doing. In addition, a bank teller must look and appear professional. If you have recently completed high school and feel that you meet these qualifications, you may choose to build a job resume for a Teller job.

At the top of your resume you will want to put down all of our personal contact information such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You will also want to put down your employment objective, which is a Bank Teller.

After this, you will want to list your education experience and anything within your educational experience that can help you attain the teller job. If you were good in math, you should put this down. Make sure you are accurate with your grade point average as they sometimes will ask for your high school transcripts. You should also put down any clubs or activities to which you belonged when you were in high school. One of the most important aspects of being a teller is honesty. An employer tends to think higher of a student who was involved in school activities and spent their time valuably than one who just got by in high school.

Any prior employment experience, particularly if you have any cashier experience, should next be listed on your job resume. Cashier experience is very important for anyone who wants to be a teller, it shows that you already know how to handle money. Even if you do not have cashier experience, prior work experience is a plus as it indicates that you were able to be gainfully employed and able to hold a job for a length of time.

For a job resume for an entry level job such as a bank teller, you can list assets at the bottom of the one page resume that you feel will help you gain the job. Be sure to mention the fact that you enjoy working with people, are detail oriented and are honest. You should also be sure to list any awards or accomplishments that you may have won during your lifetime.

You will most likely be asked for references, but these should not be added to your job resume. You can put them on a separate sheet of paper. At least three references are needed and for a new high school graduate, the best references can be found with your former teachers, neighbors who have known you for a long time and any professional family friends. All of your references should be adults.

Once you have completed your first job resume, be sure to save it. Each time you learn anything new at work or get a promotion, be sure to update your job resume. It is a good idea to continue to keep your job resume updated at all times.