Traditional Bulk Ordering Meets Its Match

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Bulk Ordering Hassles
If you’re an administrator of a club, school, camp, small business, nonprofit, or other organization you no doubt have members or volunteers asking you where to get a shirt with your official logo. “No problem," you say, because getting those shirts is an easy, speedy process - right? Not so fast.

Generally, organizations have had to place a bulk order when purchasing shirts for their constituency in order to get the cost per shirt down. Unfortunately, bulk orders require minimum order quantities, which means the organization must order twenty shirts or so even if only ten of their members request shirts. The organization must also navigate a process of deciding on a logo and how the size, placement, color, and design of the logo factors into the final price. Sometimes they must design a new logo if they need one. Then they must collect their members’ sizes (hopefully accurately) and pray that the products they want are not on backorder (5XLs can be rare!). After the order is processed, they must remind those who haven’t paid, collect the payments, and usually disperse the products to the members since individual drop-shipping costs too much. Finally, they must accurately document all the paperwork for financial purposes – some organizations REALLY crack down on this.

Beyond Bulk
What if you didn’t have to go through all the bulk order trouble? What if you didn’t have to bother with minimum quantities, collecting payments, and stocking inventory? Some online solutions have answered this hassle by providing e-commerce packages to sell your gear – but they still require a lot of work either by you or someone in your organization. Don’t get me wrong, online stores are a wonderful concept for anyone to sell their stuff and the popularity of online shopping continues to increase. But very few online store providers offer a full-service solution for organizations like schools, clubs, camps, nonprofits, and others. They require someone to pick and price each product, design all of the artwork for the products, create the customized look of the pages, and constantly manage new content and maintenance of the site.

Full-Service Solution
Fortunately, there are easier options available to organizations like schools, camps, nonprofits and the like. Your Official Gear (YOG) was created to offer schools and organizations a full-service online store and bulk solution for all their apparel needs. Combining the convenience of online shopping with the price savings of bulk ordering, YOG handles all the work of creating, selling, distributing, and managing custom apparel, as well as offering a customized online store free-of-charge.

Your Official Gear virtually eliminates the need for organizations to handle bulk orders of any kind. However, bulk ordering remains highly cost-effective, which is all the incentive a budget-tight school or club needs. In such cases, YOG provides exceptional bulk pricing and service as well. You can send them a quote request online or call directly to talk to a bulk specialist. YOG can handle your bulk orders too from 12 to 20,000+ if necessary. Any size organization can get their custom apparel through YOG.

Many organizations will doubtless continue to order in bulk for their apparel needs. But for some, who discover full-service solutions like Your Official Gear, the old process is no longer worth the time and trouble.